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Darlinghurst win first every Year 3/4 Dodgeball Festival
Posted: 21st November 2019
We ran our first ever Dodgeball competition for pupils in year 3/4 at Thorpe Hall on Thursday 21st November. 10 schools took part in an exhilarating morning of Dodge, Duck, Div, Dip, Dodge.

Glorious Goalball
Posted: 14th November 2019
Pupils from 6 of our school took part in the Paralympic sport Goalball. A 3v3 game in which players use eye shields and a bell ball.

Fairways win an exhilarating football final
Posted: 23rd October 2019
On Friday 25th October 17 schools took part in the year 5/6 Girls football competition held at the Len Forge Centre. It was a fantastic morning and there were some very close matches. Our playoffs in the Semi Final saw West leigh beat prince Avenue for 3rd place. It was an exhilarating final between Chalkwell and Fairways. Games were 10 minutes one way, after the first 10 minutes it was a 0-0 draw, a further 10 minutes saw a further draw. It was decided a further game would be played with a golden goal deciding the winners, eventually Fairways scored the golden goal and were crowned champions with Chalkwell finishing an impressive 2nd. 1st Fairways 2nd Chalkwell 3rd West Leigh Good luck to our top two teams at The Essex Finals on Thursday 21st November at Chelmsford.

West Leigh retain Tag Rugby Shield
Posted: 17th October 2019
Well done to all of the schools that took place and congratulations to a medal winners. 1st West Leigh 2nd Earls Hall 3rd Greenways Good luck to our top 2 schools who go through to compete at the Essex Finals in March 2020.



Risk Assessment - Rounders
Added: 21st July 2010
Rounders risk assessment for teachers

Risk Assessment - Borough Sports
Added: 19th July 2010
Risk Assessment for the annual Borough Sports held at Garons

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