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Children’s health project:

A holistic approach to physical health and mental wellbeing education. Using four key pillars of health which our training, resources and lesson plans focus on: Mindset, nutrition, lifestyle and movement.

Home - The Childrens Health Project

Embers the Dragon:

A groundbreaking new platform supporting children’s development, emotional wellbeing, and school readiness

Early Years Emotional Wellbeing & School Readiness | Embers The Dragon

Essex Boot camp Inspire:

An outdoor boot camp offering a variety of programmes to develop a growth mindset through the use of a variety of outdoor equipment. 

EBC Inspire - Essex Boot Camp

Girls Football Schools partnership:

We have teamed up with the FA and the Youth Sport Trust to be a part of the national girl’s football school partnership programme supported by Barclays. 

Kalma Kids:

The KalmaKids programme has been developed to help children & young people to deal with their many emotions, to feel calm, relaxed and enjoy life’s journey.

Key stage 1 & 2

Each session will start with a fun, wiggle warm up to get students ready to take part.

The programme includes the following techniques:

  • Counting to create breathing

  • Mindfulness - calm your breathing to create your own space

  • Relaxation & meditation - using stories to visualise

  • Positive thinking in your happy place

  • Dealing with emotions, tension & anxiety

  • Animal based yoga poses to stretch out


Key stage 3 & 4

Use our techniques to help anxiety, exam nerves and emotions.


The programme includes the following techniques:

  • Mindful breathing - emphasis on the sensations of breathing and its benefits to reduce anxiety and irritability

  • Body scan - bring mind and body together

  • Mindful movement - using movement to bring calm and focus

  • Breathing anchor - using the breath to help keep concentration and focus

  • Mindful sounds and thoughts - tuning into sounds to assist with mindful practice

  • Mindful connections - learning how to stop negative thoughts from dominating every day thoughts

All schools have accessed to this resource. If you need any assistance speak to your SGO.


What is the FA Shooting Stars inspired by Disney Programme?

The FA Shooting Stars programme inspired by Disney is made up of two initiatives; Active Play Through Story Telling and Girls’ Football Clubs, both have been developed to support the engagement of girls aged 5-11 years old in sport at school and in the home.  more infromation regarding the programme can be found below on the website: 

Shooting-Stars-Programme-Information.pdf (


Active Play through Storytelling – KS1 

The FA Shooting Stars Active Play Through Storytelling inspired by Disney has been developed to support girls aged 5-8 to develop their fundamental movement skills, subsequently supporting the development of; physical literacy, speaking and listening, confidence and competence. Using the inspiration of Disney stories, sessions are facilitated via a storybook where girls get ‘lost in play’.

As they engage with the storyline, children become physically active through thoughtfully designed activities which support the development of their social skills, creativity, teamwork, communication and confidence as well as increasing their emotional awareness. 


Girls football club – KS1 + 2 

The FA Shooting Stars Girls’ Football Club programme inspired by Disney and Marvel uses super-human powers, high-tech gadgets and superheroes to truly capture the imagination of Primary age girls. Whether rescuing Groot the Root or flying across New York as Captain Marvel, girls will be inspired to get active and engage with their friends whilst learning how to play football. Through the activity’s girls will develop their problem-solving, decision-making, leadership and confidence all of which are transferable to other settings. There are six weeks of activities for every Girls Football Club resource produced, and this is tailored for either a KS1 or KS2 cohort.

Game of our Own - Secondary Programme

Is a programme that supports girls to be empowered to lead football-related activity for others.

Girls take on the role of a football activator, where they choose to take on a delivery or a marketing role in their school to help deliver football.

Girls taking part in Game of Our Own - supported by Barclays also take part in the Girls’ Football Youth Sport Award, a reward and celebration scheme which helps to evidence their life skills learning and achievements through football. The Award also helps them understand the skills they’ve learnt and how they can transfer them to wider life.