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Your School Games 4 Pillars of competition

As of 2021 The School games have slightly rebranded the School Games Format into 4 pillars.  All events on the competition calender will host a range of competitions focusing on all four pillars. 

Events are categorised into 1 of 4 pillars: Compete, Develop, Participate, For all.  Each event on the website will state which of the 4 categories it comes under.

Compete: These are your usual competitive events, most of which will go through to an Essex Final, medals will be awarded to the top 3 teams and medal table points from finishing 1st-4th position.  

Develop: These events are targeted at a specific groups of young people such as SEN, girls, semi sporty, disengaged.

Participate: These festivals are focused on the School Games Values and aimed at developing life skills and character.

For all: These are motivational whole school initiatives such as virtual events, National School Sports Week events, sport relief, national fitness day, Santa dash and personal challenges etc.