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Partnership Photo Gallery


In the Partnership Gallery, we regularly add images form the various events, competitions and activities that take place.

If you have any pictures from the Partnership activities that you have attended and would like to submit them for inclusion in a gallery, please email us the images so we can optimise them for use on the web first.

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Some galleries may not be showing at present as pictures are being collated and optimised before uploading. If you have sent pictures for a gallery and cannot yet see them, this could be the reason.

Gallery: Leo gets Lively at Shoeburyness prospective year 7 evening
Description: Leo the Lion has a fabulous time meeting staff, students and potential students for Shoeburyness High School.

Gallery: KS1 ESSEX Sports Hall Athletics
Description: Thorpe Greenways Infants and Bournes Green Infant School represent Southend at the ESSEX Sports Hall Athletics, Summer 2008.

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