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School: The Priory

Contact Name: lowell Weir - PE
Secondary Hub Site: St Nicholas School

About: The Priory

The Priory is located opposite Priory Park and in throwing distance of Southend High School for Boys. The school provides for children aged 5 -16 who are not quite adapted to mainstream school, but are taken and eventually weaned back into mainstream. With the addition of new Head Teacher Elizabeth Baines to the school, the school is on the rise, with pupil behaviour improving, more students involved in PE and Sport and an increase in attendance.

Due to the Priory School being close to different parks the school takes advantage of the facilities and often let the students take part in cycling, basketball, and football and for the summer term tennis and outdoor adventurous activities.

The Priory is also involved in the SESSA league, where SEN schools from all across Essex compete in a variety of sports throw out the academic calendar.

Statement: The Southend Primary Schools Sports Association are committed to the continual safeguarding of our children.