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School: Friars Primary School

Contact Name: Scott Roche
Secondary Hub Site: Shoeburyness High School [Hub]

About: Friars Primary School

Friars Primary School have been a very strong school in dance and theatre in the past few years and are striving to push sport this year.

Here at Friars we have a National Swimmer, Cavan Beck who is supported through the Gifted and Talented programme.

We also have had a really successful MEND programme run at our school which has helped changed the ethos of the school and many of it's pupils.

Every class is taking part in Activate everyday within their classroom and we've even started making our own routines.

The school visits Shoeburyness Swimming pool for swimming lessons and has the SSCo team come in to deliver half of our PE lessons. We have also had several insets for staff to ensure we continually provide high quality PE  to our pupils.

The playground is heaving at lunchtime with pupils taking part in Top Activity lunchtime play and this has had a knock on effect to the behaviour of our pupils.
Statement: The Southend Primary Schools Sports Association are committed to the continual safeguarding of our children.