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School: Earls Hall Infant

Contact Name: Nathanael Geach
Secondary Hub Site: Southend High School for Boys

About: Earls Hall Infant

Our school recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. The school was built between April 1937 and June 1938 and opened for teaching on the 30th August 1938 with 155 children on the junior roll and 135 children in the Infant school.

A large hall is used for daily assemblies, indoor physical activities, after school clubs and school concerts. We are fortunate to have a separate Dining Hall in which hot and cold school meals are freshly prepared and served.

Playgrounds are shared and split between the juniors and Infants, also shared is the indoor heated swimming pool which enables all our pupils to swim.

Physical Education & Provision for Sport

The school??ᬮ?묢s sporting aims are contained within the general aims for Physical Education. These aims include the following:

  • To develop an awareness of the body and the way it moves
  • To explore and develop control of movement
  • To develop skills which can be applied to increasingly complex activities throughout school life
  • To promote physical and mental health
  • To develop initiative working as individuals or in a group
  • To develop self confidence and a sense of achievement

These aims are achieved through activities including gymnastics, games, dance and swimming. There are annual Sports Days when every child participants and to which parents are invited.

Sports clubs operate throughout the year in collaboration with the School Sports Partnership. Children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activites including football, cricket, and tag rugby.

The swimming pool is financed by parental contributions and lettings. Qualified swimming instructors give weekly lessons to all children. Children must wear swimming hats, which may be purchased from school, and may not wear any jewellery, including ear-rings/studs.

The school enters all Key Stage 1 and reception competitions run by the Southend East Schools Sports Partnership. Recently the school entered the Sports Hall athletics and made a valiant effort to come in 3rd. Our next competitions will be the Reception Sports Hall, KS1 football and Rugby, and we can??ᬮ?묢t wait!

Statement: The Southend Primary Schools Sports Association are committed to the continual safeguarding of our children.