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School: St. Georges

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Secondary Hub Site: Southend High School for Girls

About: St. Georges

At St Georges Primary School we have 2 hours of curriculum PE for every class, we ensure this is high quality by using the SSCo to support our staff and children. We strive to include all children while given the opportunity for able and talented children to shine.
We run breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs, homework clubs, lunchtime activities. These vary in spors succh as tennis, multiskills, netball, athletics and many more.

St George's always aims to participate in athletics events at both key stage 1 and 2. We also are part of the local football and netball league.

Our aims in sport are to build upon current success and develop a pride in sport in our school community.

The enthusiasm and commitment from the children is one of our best parts of school PE and sport.

We really enjoy being involved in the Southend East School Sports Partnership because it
gives a small school like ours the opportunity to compete against other schools in southend. Also the support given to PE teaching through PPA and support has been invaluable.

Statement: The Southend Primary Schools Sports Association are committed to the continual safeguarding of our children.