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School: Thorpe Greenways Junior

Contact Name: Wes Cotton
Secondary Hub Site: Future's College

About: Thorpe Greenways Junior

Thorpe Greenways Juniors

Thorpe Greenways Junior School is situated in the residential area of Thorpe Bay on the outskirts of Southend. We are one of the first 60 schools nationally to become a Centre for the Teacher Learning Academy (TLA).  The TLA recognises teacher learning within the classroom (or indeed, on the sports field) at four stages of accreditation, helping schools and teachers to achieve professional excellence.   Launching the TLA in your school can be an excellent way to enhance professional learning and can give lots of ideas for fresh approaches, working with colleagues both within and beyond your school.  Thorpe Greenways Junior School can explain the process and support and verify presentations. We invite any school or qualified teacher registered with the GTC who is interested to contact us. 

Physical Education in our school

We regard PE at Thorpe Greenways Junior School as an essential part of our pupils' curriculum. The school has two large playing fields and two playgrounds which provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities.  By participating in PE before, during and after school, pupils can gain a range of physical, social, emotional and intellectual benefits. Therefore, sport is an important dimension in pupils' broad scope of development during their years of schooling. They will be more likely to continue being physically active throughout the rest of their lives. 
Our main aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible for children to access a wide range of activities. These activities reflect the particular interests and talents of the members of staff that organise them.  All clubs are run by the teaching staff of the school with support from Southend School Sports Partnership, Active Schools Soccer Academy, Southend Rugby Club and Southend United Football Club. 

At present sporting activities include: tag rugby, football, gymnastics, multi-sports, netball, basketball, dance, cross-country running, cycling, rounders, cricket, lawn tennis, table tennis, karate, athletics and swimming.  Every child in the school participates in at least two hours of curricular physical activity each week.  For many of the children in the school, this amount of time is considerably increased due to their involvement in extra curricular activities. 

The school follows the Val Sabin schemes of work for Games, Gymnastics, Athletics and Dance.  In the first half of the Autumn term and in the Summer term the children have two swimming lessons each week led by an A.S.A. swimming coach.  

A house system operates within the school, which allows for academic and sporting competition.  These houses are St.Luke, St.Mark, St.Peter and St.John. Our annual school sports days and swimming sports days in the summer are great events. 

Although competitive, they are also good fun and enjoyable for all!

Statement: The Southend Primary Schools Sports Association are committed to the continual safeguarding of our children.