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School: Shoeburyness High School [Hub]

SSCO Name: Selina Fox
Telephone: 01702 292286 extension 193
Email: Selina Fox

About Shoeburyness High School [Hub]

The Shoeburyness High School is the hub site for SSCo.
With backing from a strong PE department led by Brian Butler the school has always fully supported the School Sports Partnership assisting the SSCo to be such a strong partnership and achieve its great results.


SSCo: Selina Fox

                                     Shoeburyness High School

Shoeburyness High School is the hub site for the Southend School Sports Partnership.

The PE department at Shoeburyness High School is celebrating its best ever results in GCSE PE.

96% of students achieved between an A* to C grade, beating last years record high of 89%.

Highlights included Southend swimmer Tim Evans and Arsenal footballer Leah Cowan both achieving A* grades.

Paul Evans, assistant head teacher at Shoeburyness High School comments "When I started, our pass rate was 9%! It has been a very long journey with a great deal of time, effort and more importantly teamwork. I am delighted with our 96% success rate."

Mark Schofield, head teacher says "This year the students achieved 70.1% A* to C grades, our highest results ever with Physical Education playing an integral part to our whole school results improving."


The successful team of PE Staff include:

Brian Butler (Head of PE) 
Andrew Newman
Mitchell Gleeson
Warren Lewis
Adam Miller
Alan Proudfoot

Clemina Hawker
Anne Catton
Lisa Sargeant
Gemma Boatwright
Lara Cardosi






















Statement: The Southend Primary Schools Sports Association are committed to the continual safeguarding of our children.