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What should you look for in a junior sports club or team?
So you have got a budding young sports-enthusiast on your hands. To help them get the best from their sport you may wish to consider enrolling them at a local sports club. There are probably a number of sports clubs in your area that may cater for young people so how do you decide which one is best for your child and how do you know if they're safe? Giving some consideration to the following questions will help you in making your decision:

Is the club accredited by its National Governing Body or Sport England?
Most National Governing Bodies (NGB) of sport operate a Club Accreditation Scheme for junior clubs. The schemes have been put in place to ensure that clubs offer safe, effective and child friendly programmes for juniors. In order to gain accreditation Clubs must demonstrate that they meet the criteria outlined in the scheme. Find out if the club you are interested in has (or is working towards) met the criteria of their appropriate scheme.

Does the philosophy of the club meet with the needs of your child?
Some clubs place a greater emphasis on competition and entering competitive leagues. If your child isn't ready to compete, or doesn't want to compete, then other less competitive clubs may be more appropriate.

Does the club operate in safe environments with safe equipment?
The club should have a member of staff/volunteer who is responsible for maintaining equipment and ensuring its safety. There should also be access to first aid equipment at all training/competition sessions.

Does the club have a child protection policy?
All clubs should have, or be working towards having, a child protection policy; including a statement on, and guidance about, keeping children safe. This should include procedures for when your child is both training and traveling away to take part in matches/ competitions.

Are the coaches and helpers suitable to work with children?
All staff should go through a proper recruitment process including police checks and an up to date certificate from a recognised National Governing Body.. Staff should also have training in child protection and health and safety.

What kind of atmosphere is created during training sessions?
There needs to be a positive atmosphere where children are actively learning and having fun during training sessions. The emphasis should be on action, skill development and fun for all participants, not just for a gifted few. Why not ask if you and your son/daughter can visit one of the training sessions prior to them joining the club.

Borough of Southend Swimming and Training Club
Type of Club: Swimming
Venue: Warriors Swim Centre, Warrior Square, Central Southend

Club Details: We are a small, friendly, highly succesful swimming and training club. We provide high quality lessons for beginners to excellent training for entry into county, regional and national competion. We also offer Masters. Disability, Open Water and Triathlete training.
Our motto is "Hardwork and dedication reap reward."
Mon-Fri 5.30-7.30am
Sat 7.00-9.00am Sun 3.45-5.45pm
Mon 5.00-6.00pm

Contact Phone:  Will Brogan 07949 219933   Contact E-Mail:
[ Club Added: Wednesday 3rd September 2008 ]


Cartwheels Gymnastics Club
Type of Club: Gymnastics
Venue: Castle View school, Canvey Island

Club Details: Fun based gymnastics club, working towards badges, and weekly trophy scheme. British gymnastics club, with gym and club mark

Contact Phone:  07795086157   Contact E-Mail:
[ Club Added: Monday 15th September 2008 ]


Eastwood Badminton Club
Type of Club: Badminton
Venue: Chalkwell Badminton Centre, 856/862 London Road, Leigh on Sea

Club Details: A badminton club with teams in the Southend league. Our main club night is Friday with matches played either Fri eve or Saturday 2-5pm. September - April. Our members age from 14 - veteran. Ability ranges from good juniors to some members occasionally playing for County teams. We are affiliated to Badminton England and are insured and have qualified coaches as members.

Contact Phone:  Adrian Watling 07775 808454   Contact E-Mail: via, clubs, east
[ Club Added: Wednesday 3rd September 2008 ]


Eastwood Cricket Club
Type of Club: Cricket
Venue: Belfairs Sports and Social Clubs, Eastwood Road North, Leigh on Sea

Club Details: Based in Leigh on Sea we play field 4 sides on Saturday, one on Sunday and mid week 20 over cricket. We run sides from under 9's to senior.

Contact Phone:  Graham Fletcher 07730 954481   Contact E-Mail:
[ Club Added: Wednesday 3rd September 2008 ]


Eastwood Netball Club
Type of Club: Netball
Venue: Deanes Sports Centre, Daws Heath Road, Thundersley

Club Details: The club has 7 teams in the Basildon League and an Open squad in Division 1 of the East Region league. There are also junior teams in each age group from school year 5/6 to 10/11 in the Chelmsford Junior League. Junor training for year 4 upwards on Fridays from 5 to 8. The club has two level 3 and three level 2 coaches plus 6 umpires at B and C level. All players are affilaited to England Netball.
Match nights Monday 7.30 or 8.30. Junior matches Saturday in Chelmsford.

Contact Phone:  Philippa Pitts 01702 582919   Contact E-Mail: via, clubs, east
[ Club Added: Wednesday 3rd September 2008 ]


GoJu-Kai Warriors Karate Club
Type of Club: Karate
Venue: Shoeburyness High School

Club Details: GoJu Kai Warriors is operated by Shoeburyness High Schools Extended Schools, please contact Steph, Karen or Rob on the numbers below for more information.

Contact Phone:  01702 292 286 EXT 181/182   Contact E-Mail: extendedschools@shoeburyness.southe
[ Club Added: Wednesday 6th March 2013 ]


Grand Ceilidh Club
Type of Club: Ceilidh
Venue: Southend Rugby Football Club, Sumpters Way,

Club Details: Southend's barn dance club. Dancing to live music with a caller to tell you what to do. No experience necessary. Exercise in a social atmosphere without getting cold or wet or muddy.

Contact Phone:  John Morgan 01702 203695   Contact E-Mail: via, clubs, gran
[ Club Added: Wednesday 3rd September 2008 ]


Type of Club: Gymnastics
Venue: Shoeburyness High School

Club Details: Gymtastics is operated by the Shoeburyness High School Extended Schools, please contact Karen, Steph or Rob on the number below for more information.

Contact Phone:  01702 292 286 EXT 181/182   Contact E-Mail: extendedschools@shoeburyness.southe
[ Club Added: Wednesday 6th March 2013 ]


LA Fitness Junior Squash
Type of Club: Squash
Venue: LA Fitness, Wakering Road, Southend on Sea

Club Details: The Junior club is a separate club run by volunteers as a trust within LA FITNESS THORPE BAY. We have 10 volunteer coaches all of which hold England Squash qualifications and are CRB checked.The club consists of children from ages 6 to 18 of varied ability. We are pleased to have a good percentage of girls who attend the coaching sessions and represent the club. We aim to encourage participation.
Saturdays 2-4pm.

Contact Phone:  Graham Bannister 01702 586466   Contact E-Mail:
[ Club Added: Wednesday 3rd September 2008 ]


Leigh Ramblers Football Club
Type of Club: Football
Venue: Belfairs Sports Ground, Leigh on Sea

Club Details: Saturdays 9am

Contact Phone:  Mark Holmes 01702 521844   Contact E-Mail: via the leigh ramblers website
[ Club Added: Tuesday 2nd September 2008 ]


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